Local Fees

Below are fees, deposits that are required or have been proposed by Ontario municipalities. All fees are per turbine. The fees are not based on turbine size (higher fees for larger turbines), although that would make sense for municipalities with multiple industrial wind turbine projects.

Fees per wind turbine (WT) in Ontario, Canada

  • United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry / South Dundas: the wind farm developer… has agreed to post a $1.27 million security for counties and South Dundas, in case any road damage occurs from construction
  • Huron: Bluewater passes $434,000 wind turbine building permit fee: $14,000 base permit fee, a $220,000 security per turbine for decommissioning, a $100,000 fee per turbine for matters related to health and property devaluation and a $100,000 fee per turbine for potential legal matters arising as a result of the turbines. SWO
  • Prince Edward County Council will ask for a 200-thousand dollar deposit per turbine to make sure the company takes them down OWR
  • Plympton-Wyoming (Lambton) says industrial wind turbine operators will have to put down a $200,000 deposit for each of the massive energy makers before any soil is turned SarniaTW OWR
  • West Grey: 100 thousand dollar performance bond on each turbine. There are also security deposits of 65 hundred dollars for each turbine built on municipal rights of way, plus 20 thousand dollars per kilometre of roadway used. For a municipal road with a box culvert the security deposit jumps to 125 thousand dollars and up to 200 thousand for roadways with a bridge. Bayshore Broadcasting OWR
  • Warwick (Lambton) $45,000 to reimburse the municipality for legal costs, $6,000 for every turbine they put up and flat fee of $200,000 among other things.
  • Grey Highlands fee of $35,000 and $100,000 bond Simcoe $20,000 bond for acoustic tests OWR Simcoe All fees & securities: OWR
  • Kincardine (Bruce): urging council to approve a building permit increase for turbines to 35 thousand dollars apiece OWR BB
  • Arran-Elderslie (Bruce) proposes a fee of $50 per $1,000 of project value. The fee has been $15
  • South Huron: $15,000 fee for towers rated greater than one megawatt QLS
  • A plan to escalate fees for companies wanting to erect wind turbines in Adelaide Metcalfe (Middlesex) has been deferred until politicians can determine if charging $10,000 per turbine would cover the potential costs.
  • MAPLETON TWP. (Wellington) $4,850 ($10 per $1,000 worth of construction)
  • Dufferin County: $3,938 per turbine OWR OB
  • West Lincoln to set turbine fees | Niagara This Week: Under this option, developers would have to pay a fee of $3,797 per wind turbine
  • LITTLE CURRENT (Manitoulin)presently $2,000 per turbine, with a proposed rate of $3,000 being suggested 2

A company looking to build a controversial wind farm on Amherst Island has quietly offered Loyalist Township an payment of $7.5 million annually KWS


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