Dufferin Wind Power rail corridor

October 4, 2012

China based owners of the company want to take over our rail corridor owned by Dufferin County (aka ‘we the residents’) for it’s transmission line.

Dufferin County Council is the ultimate decision maker as to what will happen to the corridor.
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Map of wind projects for Grey Highlands

May 1, 2012

Map of existing wind projects and proposed projects for Grey Highlands:

PDF version: grey highlands map with projects 

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2 of Dufferin County’s unlivable homes

April 5, 2012

… she and her husband moved out of the wind farm.

“We were fine before the turbines were there and after they started, we were sick. When we moved, we got better,” she said.

… of Amaranth Township said he has been unable to live in his rural home, which he built in the late 1980s, ever since a substation for wind turbine power was erected across the street and put online on Feb. 16, 2006.

Two 100-megawatt transformers are linked to 133 wind turbines, he said.


Local Group(s)

March 19, 2012

To find the group(s) in your municipality, click below:


Melancthon man moves out of dream home

July 16, 2011

A Melancthon man who built his dream home in 2004 has “moved… to the city for peace & quiet” during the week, returning on weekends to maintain his dream home, which he has relunctantly listed with a real estate company. “I hate to sell it. I don’t want to sell it.”, he laments in the video below. The home has 9 wind turbines within 900 m.


Melancthon home listed with real estate company

July 11, 2011

… spent an endless number of hours building his dream home in Melancthon. He just listed it with the real estate company…


Couple moved to avoid industrial wind turbines

June 27, 2011

One reason why my wife and I moved to South Cayuga (July ’09) was due to the imminent installation of wind “farms” in our old neighbourhood (Belwood Ontario area)… Google OBWF . We had journeyed “up the road” on a number of occasions to the site of a mega wind farm in Melancthon Township (near Shelburne Ontario) and were not, at all, pleased…


3 of the Dufferin families who moved

June 22, 2011

… found the wind towers so intolerable that they moved out of their house and slept in a tent in the backyard

… cows stopped calving, and their milk production suffered accordingly.  “He moved to Saskatchewan,”

… moved into a house in the nearby town of Shelburne.



Homes in Bruce & Dufferin Vacant

June 3, 2011

… were living “inside a microwave oven environment” near the TransAlta transformer substation in Amaranth until forced out by ill health.

… 200 homes of which there are now five vacant at Ripley, the two at the local substation, and one more near Kincardine



Dufferin County Families Forced out of Homes

May 30, 2011

They have been forced out of their homes at the recommendation of their doctor, who used to be a medical officer of health, because of the constant noise and electrical pollution produced by the substation.