ERT refers to Ontario’s Environmental Review Tribunal appeal process.

  1. Tribunal # 10-121 (WORD, PDF) Erickson v. MOE – Related: 10-122 – Chatham-Kent Wind Action Inc. v. Province of Ontario 1 Kent Breeze
  2. 11-208 (PDF, WORD) Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group Inc. Legal Challenge of Brooke-Alvinston Wind Farm approval Lambton Zephyr ERT withdrawn – Will continue with Mapleton ERT once evidence is collected
  3. 11-228 (WORD, PDF) Preserve Mapleton Incorporated v. MOE – Related: 11-229REA3 for the  Mapleton (Conestogo) Wind project 2 3 4  Wellington OWR
  4. 12-004 (PDF, WORD) Chatham-Kent Wind Action Inc.  Elgin – on February 6, 2012, Chatham-Kent Wind Action Inc. filed an appeal of the REA for the  Gesner Wind Project
  5. 12-015 (WORD, PDF) Monture v. MOE Related: 12-016, 12-018 – appeal planned now that Summerhaven project has received approval Donate Hagersville, May 28 – June 12 Haldimand ERT Hearing BE OWR
  6. 12-047 (WORD, PDF) Negus v. MOE 12-048 (WORD, PDF)
    Negus v. MOE – Grand Renewable
  7. 12-054 (WORD, PDF) Monture v. MOE Related: 12-072, 12-073, 12-077, 12-078, 12-079 – preliminary hearing of the Samsung appeal is on Thursday, August 9, 2012 at the Haldimand County Cayuga Administration Building OWR – HALDIMAND WIND CONCERNS V. MOE, Grand Renewable
  8. 12-071 (WORD, PDF) Chatham Kent Wind Action Inc. v. MOE – Related: 12-049, 12-052, 12-053, 12-055, 12-056, 12-057, 12-058, 12-059, 12-060, 12-061, 12-062, 12-063, 12-064, 12-065, 12-066, 12-067, 12-068, 12-069, 12-070, 12-076, 12-099 – South Kent Wind – Ball v. Director, MOE … Case No.: 12-049/052/053/055-071/076 – two appeals of the REA for the South Kent Wind Project were filed with the Environmental Review Tribunal, one by Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group Inc and one by the 8th and 9th Line/Bloomfield Road Community Group WCO, OWR LFPDonations, OWR
  9. 12-098 (PDF, WORD) Related: 12-100 Haldimand Wind Concerns v. MOE & Haldimand Capital Power ERT – Port Dover and Nanticoke Wind Project: 104.4 megawatts located within the County of Haldimand and the County of Norfolk:
  10. 12-144 (WORD, PDF) Oppose Belwood Wind Farm Association (OBWF) is filing an appeal of the ruling OWR WCO wpd Springwood Wind Incorporated – Township of Centre Wellington
  11. 12-148 (WORD, PDF) – The Manitoulin Coalition has applied for a “stay of approval” of the MOE directors decision though land clearing for the project and potential construction will continue OWR
  12. 13-002 (WORD, PDF) Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County Related: 13-003 (APPEC) – The Prince Edward County Field Naturalists have legal help, and will file an appeal CKWS OWR OWR OWR – three appeals were launched against the recent decisions of the Environmental Review Tribunal relating to Ostrander Point. The first two were by Gilead Power and the Ministry of the Environment (MOE). The third, by the Association to Protect Prince Edward County (APPEC) appeals the Tribunal’s decision – 06 Jun 2016 – Approval Revoked for designated Important Bird Area (13-003) OWC CCSAGE
  13. 13-026 (PDF) Corp of the Twp of Adelaide Metcalfe v. MOE – NextEra Kerwood Wind Inc?
  14. 13-040 (WORD, PDF) Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group Inc. Their 39-page notice of appeal was filed July 17 Seaforth Huron Expositor
  15. 13-044 (WORD, PDF) Related: 13-045 – 72.9MW Bornish wind project in southwestern Ontario OWR Re News Municipality of North Middlesex taking ERT to court: Sept 13 Osgoode Hall OWR
  16. 14-051 Related: 14-052: NextEra’s Bluewater (Varna) wind energy approval (held in Seaforth) Clinton News Record
  17. 13-070 (WORD, PDF) Related: 13-069, 13-071, 13-072, 13-073, 13-074, 13-075 Shelburne with regard to the installation of Dufferin Wind Power Inc. wind turbines in Melancthon 20130711, ERT Panel Accepts Constitutional Challenge Filed by Melancthon Residents WRM 20130909 – Melancthon group appeals Dufferin ERT decision
  18. 13-079 (PDF) Related: 13-080 Vineland Power City: Niagara Region/Lincoln Filing Date: 04 Jul 2013
  19. 13-084 (WORD, PDF) Related: 13-085, 13-086, 13-087, 13-088, 13-089 appeal of the St. Columban wind project
  20. 13-096 (WORD, PDF) 2nd ERT appeal of the South Kent project this week in Blenheim
  21. 13-097 (WORD, PDF) represented by Julian Falconer in an appeal of the St. Columban wind project, arguing that the Renewal Energy Approval violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Seaforth Huron Expositor Related: 13-098 brought their fight against the approved K2 Power wind project to Lucknow this week. The couple are appealing the 140-turbine installation Kincardine News
  22. 13-102 (WORD, PDF) Related: 13-103, 13-104 – appeal against NextEra Energy Canada’s 60MW Adelaide wind project ReNews
  23. 13-106, 13-10713-108 City: Lennox and Addington/Loyalist Filing: Aug 2013
  24. 13-120 City: Algoma District/Sault Ste. Marie Filing Date: 21 Oct 2013 – Heyden Ontario, with the assistance of Lake Superior Action Research Conservation (LSARC) requested a hearing into the approval of the Goulais Wind Project WCO
  25. 13-121 , 13-122, City: Niagara Region/Wainfleet Filing Date: 22 Oct 2013 – Construction of Wainfleet Wind Energy turbines has been halted by a court order as Skydive Burnaby appeals the May ruling of Ontario’s environmental review tribunal, which dismissed its concerns about safety to its nearby parachutists. The Tribune – Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc.’s five wind turbine project owned by the Loeffen family and Tom Rankin Erie Media
  26. 13-124, 13-125 City: Bruce County/Kincardine Filing Date: Oct 2013 – appealing the approved Armow Wind projec
  27. 13-138 (WORD, PDF) Related: 13-139 appeal of the Suncor Adelaide Wind Project
  28. 13-140 (WORD, PDF) Cham Shan Temple v. MOE Related: 13-141, 13-142 Manvers Wind Concerns (MWC) and the Cham Shan Buddhist Temple filed the appeal on Dec. 23. Coun. Stauble said when five wind turbines for wpd Canada’s Sumac Ridge project My Kawartha Read article – Opponents of wpd Sumac Ridge project considering Judicial Review My
  29. 13-145 (WORD, PDF) Related: 13-146 – Bow Lake Wind facility. Save Ontario’s Algoma Region (SOAR) – A preliminary hearing was held January 28 and continued by teleconference January 31, February 7, 14 and 21. The March 3 main hearing will include opening statements for all parties. WCO – The appeal by 2401339 Ontario Ltd. will be heard at 9 a.m., March 3 to 7, 2014, and at 9 a.m. March 17 to 21, 2014. WCO – Bow Lake – SOAR and LSARC say Fata is challenging MOE approval of Bow Lake. Fata’s appeal will be heard at 9 a.m., March 25 to 27, 2014. WCO
  30. 14-007 City: Grey County/West Grey Filing Date: 29 Jan 2014 – A West Grey man is appealing approval for a wind turbine project near Priceville / the former Glenelg Township. In January, the ministry gave the go ahead to the 14-turbine East Durham Project, developed by NextEra The Post
  31. 14-029 – NextEra Energy’s Jericho Wind Energy project Sarnia Observer, London Free Press City: Middlesex County/North Middlesex Filing Date: 28 Apr 2014
  32. 14-048 Fairfield v. MOE (WORD, PDF) Vineland appeal of the HAF wind project. (See story.) Niagara Region/West Lincoln appeal to proceed – is still awaiting a decision on her appeal filed last summer, she has filed another one against the same project – The ERT file may be found here Filing Date: 03 Jul 2014
  33. 14-051 Related: 14-052 – Faced with appeals against its $380-million project hugging the Lake Huron shoreline, the developer of the Grand Bend Wind Farm is applying the brakes London Free Press
  34. 14-059 Related: 14-060 – Goshen Wind Energy Centre
  35. 14-063 (WORD, PDF) Biddle v. MOE Related: 14-064 east of Port Ryerse in Norfolk County
  36. 14-065, 14-066, 14-067 Suncor’s 46-turbine Cedar Point Wind project set for Plympton-Wyoming, Lambton Shores and Warwick Township Read article, Sarnia Observer
  37. 14-091 Wallace v. MOE Dufferin Wind Power’s transmission line and the perceived threat its construction pose to drinking water in the area
  38. 14-096 (WORD, PDF) Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc. v. MOE – Niagara Region Wind Corp. said Wednesday it is on track to build its 77-turbine wind farm in Niagara region and Haldimand county Welland Tribune
  39. 14-102 Municipality of Clarington – Related: 14-103 Clarington Wind Farm
  40. 15-009 Corp of Mun of Clarington – Related: 15-010 – ZEP Wind Farm Ganaraska
  41. 15-011 Dingeldein – Grey Highlands Zero Emission People Wind Farm
  42. 15-026 Fohr v. Grey Highlands Clean Energy Project Date: 08 Jun 2015 (WORD, PDF)
  43. 15-028 East Oxford Alliance Inc. v. Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm City: Oxford County/Norwich Filing Date: 24 Apr 2015 Date: 18 Jun 2015 (WORD, PDF)
  44. 15-037 SLWP Opposition Corp (Settlers Landing Wind) City: Kawartha Lakes/Kawartha Lakes Filing Date: 22 May 2015
  45. 15-041 Hutton (Meyer Wind) Related: 15-042 City: Bruce County/Kincardine Filing Date: 04 Jun 2015 Date: 24 Jul 2015 (WORD, PDF)
  46. 15-053 SR Opposition Corp v. Ontario (Snowy Ridge) City: Kawartha Lakes/Kawartha Lakes
    Filing Date: 03 Jul 2015
  47. 15-066 Hutton v. Ontario () Related: 15-067 City: Bruce County/Kincardine
    Filing Date: 24 Jul 2015
  48. 15-068 Hirsch v. Ontario () Related: 15-069, 15-070 City: Prince Edward County/Prince Edward Filing Date: 29 Jul 2015
  49. 15-071 wpd White Pines Wind Inc. City: Prince Edward County/Prince Edward
    Filing Date: 31 Jul 2015
  50. 15-084 APAI v. Ontario City: Lennox and Addington/Loyalist Filing Date: 08 Sep 2015
  51. 16-036 Wiggins v. Ontario Related: 16-037, 16-038, 16-039, 16-040, 16-041, 16-042 City: Simcoe County/Clearview Filing Date: 26 Feb 2016
  52. 16-076 Jakubec v. Ontario City: Chatham-Kent County/Chatham-Kent Filing Date: 15 Jul 2016 Date: 31 Aug 2016 (WORD, PDF)

ERT refers to Ontario’s Environmental Review Tribunal appeal process. It was set up by the Ontario government & has only ruled against the government once, but that was overturned… by the government tribunal.


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