Other lawsuits

Note that this list no longer includes the 51 or more Environmental Review Tribunals, which can be found under ERTs

  1. After several preliminary hearings the OMB suspended proceedings because Vision Quest’s lawyers weren’t prepared Watershed
  2. 30-month battle in front of Ontario’s Assessment Review Board (ARB), MPAC 2009 CBC201110 CBC20120407 Wolfe Island couple’s argument that nearby wind turbines had significantly decreased their home’s value OWR OC
  3. tax assessment reduced due to wind turbine issues… in the Township of Amaranth CBC201110
  4. appeal by a second property owner in Amaranth CBC201110
  5. IAN HANNA v. ONTARIO – Legal Action 1 2
  6. Japan files trade dispute over Ontario green energy act (20100913)
  7. U.S., EU join fight over Ontario’s green energy plan (20101001)
  8. The City of Thunder Bay is facing a $126-million lawsuit (20101019) TB
  9. IPC threatens to sue Grey Highlands (20110505)
  10. Province holding ratepayers in contempt over green energy charge 2 (20110616)
  11. Sierra Club received a notice of libel from Wind Concerns Ontario 1 (20110622)
  12. the Municipality of Grey Highlands regarding  the right of PWI to the road use as a distributor – Divisional Court Appeal of the OEB decision
  13. an application to order the landowners of turbine 1 to execute a lease and deliver their possession of their property to PWI and to execute an authorization of Agent requested by the MGH
  14. Information for Donations to Judicial Review in Grey Highlands 2
  15. Bluewater mayor accused of conflict of interest over wind development (20110712)
  16. Texas billionaire challenges Canada on green power law 1 2 3 4 5
  17. The European Union launched a formal complaint against Ontario at the World Trade Organization Read more: 1 2 3 (20110811)
  18. SWEAR: Family (represented by Julian Falconer) Takes on Wind Companies’ Gag Clauses 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 audio (Sep 12, 2011); Appeal Successful FC OWR SNA, WT OWR (July 18, 2012)
  19. family from southwestern Ontario has launched a $1.5 million lawsuit 1 2
  20. Legal Notice to WPD – White Pines Project
  21. cease and desist letter to Samsung and partners
  22. damages related to the proposed Fairview Wind Farm in Stayner 2 3 4
  23. WTO Dispute Settlement Body has committed to hear the EU’s claims
  24. Divisional Court level on the Judicial Review of Conestogo Wind Energy Centre’s REA approval OWR 10-turbine wind farm southwest of Arthur WA Mapleton (Conestogo) Wind, Wellington – see ERT # 3
  25. Nextera threatening legal action against Haldimand residents 2
  26. launched a suit earlier this year against WPD and Beattie Bros. Ltd TBE
  27. five (5) more landowners in a lawsuit against WPD and another Beattie family, Ed Beattie & Son Ltd TBE OWR
  28. In letters to all premiers and attorneysgeneral in Canada, Mr. Gillespie alleges on behalf of NAPAW OWR OC
  29. WTO: Canadian NGOs and labour unions have sent an amicus curiae submission to the World Trade Organization BTN
  30. OMB decision on land severance for NextEra Summerhaven project OWR
  31. Prince Edward County… $14 million lawsuit was filed by 20 plaintiffs against more than 20 landowners and wind proponent WPD Canada OWR intel, OWR quinte
  32. Ont. couple seeks injunction to stop wind-farm expansion CBC Star SUN
  33. The developer, Greenbreeze/Oneworld is bankrupt leaving four lawsuits filed by contractors and other parties for non-payment. The final “cost” was rumoured to be over $30,000,000 for 4 turbines OWR LFP
  34. Greenbreeze lawsuit # 2 OWR LFP
  35. Greenbreeze lawsuit # 3 OWR LFP
  36. Greenbreeze lawsuit # 4 OWR LFP
  37. lawsuit against wind company River Canard Energy Inc. and Pajot Farms Ltd., the landowner OWR TWS OWR
  38. Norfolk: lawsuit will cite UDI Renewables and the four farmers who have leased land OWR DNR
  39. Chatham-Kent: $9 million lawsuit against two wind turbine companies and their neighbours for leasing their land for construction of turbines. OWR LFP OWR CDN OWR
  40. SETBACK # 1: Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc. is suing Wainfleet over a wind turbine setback bylaw the township enacted OWR Battle over Wainfleet turbines goes to court FET OWR VIDEO OWR CHCH Wainfleet’s legal defence of it’s 2 km setback WCO SCS OWR
  41. Wind farm files $475 million NAFTA claim over Ontario offshore moratorium OWR Star
  42. company that wants to build wind turbines on unceded Six Nations lands near Port Dover has been granted an interim injunction in response to the shutdown of four of its projects two weeks ago TIN
  43. Horizon Wind Inc. has filed a notice of application for judicial review against the Ministry of the Environment in Ontario divisional court OWR tb tbnw
  44. against UDI Renewables of Nanticoke. Also named as defendants are Port Ryerse property owners SR
  45. SETBACK # 2: Suncor taking Plympton Wyoming to court over several bylaws the municipality passed aimed at wind turbine projects. They call for wind turbines to be built at least 2-km away from neighbouring properties, and set fees for wind projects that include a $200,000 per turbine deposit OWR Sarnia Observer OWR Sarnia Lambton Independent NTW OWR SO Sarnia Observer
  46. NextEra threatens legal action against Bluewater OWR SWO Nextera Energy is launching a legal challenge against Bluewater bylaw regarding building permit fees OWR BN Bluewater received notification Clinton News Record
  47. NextEra ‘cease and desist demand’ OWR 20130403
  48. MANVERS TWP. – The City of Kawartha Lakes is positioning itself for a possible appeal if three wind farms are approved OWR
  49. A notice sent in early April by the East Oxford Community Alliance through its lawyer WSR
  50. lawsuit against a proposed Grafton wind farm development OWR Northumberland Today Watershed
  51. NextEra sues for use of “offending logo” and video Sarnia Observer, Sarnia Lambton Independent, London Free Press, Bayshore Broadcasting, Sarnia Observer, Excess Copyright, Local2.ca, OWR/Sun, Edmonton Sun, Here’s the video, And here’s a video, VideoMPP, VideoEG, STT, Excess Copyright2, OWR, Sherri Lange, am640, WCO, The National Review, The Daily Telegraph, Gerretsen Reply re Bill 83 re: Esther Wrightman – NextEra, Sarnia Observer
  52. The Sun Times NextEra Energy of Canada is making good on a threat to take legal action against changes to West Grey’s fees
  53. suing a prominent Toronto law firm along with Dufferin Wind Power (DWP) and Farm Owned Power (Melancthon) Ltd. (FOP) in an effort to have their contracts with the wind proponents declared void Orangeville Banner
  54. lawyer Scott Stoll of Aird & Berlis LLP has instructed the county that it would have no grounds on which to challenge the Ontario Energy Board’s leave to construct a transmission line Orangeville Banner
  55. will see the two sides arguing inside a Toronto courtroom next week revolves around where Dufferin Wind is permitted to store its wind turbines Orangeville.com 20130719
  56. divisional court decision allowing Gilead Power in the habitat of an endangered turtle at Ostrander Point in Prince Edward County – Read the story here
  57. Municipality of North Middlesex taking ERT to court: Sept 13 Osgoode Hall OWR
  58. landowners are successfully getting out of what many people had believed are ironclad leases. “We’re aware of at least three situations where it appears we have been successful,” SLI
  59. 2nd situation (see previous entry)
  60. 3rd situation  (see above)
  61. the county is seeking intervener status at the upcoming expropriation hearings triggered by Dufferin Wind Orangeville Banner WRM
  62. citizen’s group, Conserving our Rural Environment (CORE), has appealed the OEB’s decision to grant Dufferin Wind permission to construct its transmission line Orangeville Banner WRM
  63. a draft $28-million legal claim was forwarded to Prowind Canada Inc., Gunn’s Hill Windfarm Inc. and landowners that are leasing land to the developer Woodstock Sentinel-Review
  64. lawsuit for neighbours located near the site of a proposed wind turbine in the Creemore area Woodstock Sentinel-Review
  65. West Lincoln couple has filed an appeal to the province’s approval of the HAF Wind Energy Project based on the Canadian Charter of Rights of Freedoms Niagara this Week
  66. Wainfleet is facing another lawsuit, this time it’s over $40,000 in funding granted to Skydive Burnaby Erie Media
  67. The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA) is preparing for a possible legal battle with Dufferin Wind Power Orangeville Banner, Jan. 15, 2014
  68. Nextera’s Kerwood Wind is threatening legal action. Adelaide-Metcalfe township has joined the list OWR
  69. Association to Protect Amherst Island has asked the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to judicially review the decision of the MOE to accept as complete the Windlectric REA to build up to 36 wind turbines on tiny Amherst Island PAI, Whig
  70. NextEra suing West Grey over project delays WCO Read the full story here. Poll is attached
  71. draft legal claim against Invenergy Canada. Seventeen property owners have already joined Listowel Banner
  72. Fort William First Nation filed for a review against the Ministry of Municipal Housing and Affairs, demanding the province quash Horizon’s lease of treaty lands tbnewswatch 2014-04-04
  73. Fort William First Nation filed applications for judicial reviews against both the Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Natural Resources tbnewswatch 2014-04-04
  74. Horizon plan to file an  and application for a judicial review at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice seeking a final decision on Big Thunder Wind Park tbnewswatch 2014-04-04
  75. Fort William First Nation is seeking an injunction against the Ministry of Environment and other provincial ministries. The First Nation alleges Crown ministries have failed in their duty to consult over the proposed Big Thunder Wind Park. tbnewswatch.com
  76. PECFN sought leave to appeal a Divisional Court ruling that overturned a decision to revoke the permit to build nine industrial wind turbines on Crown land at Ostrander Point – Read the rest of the article here
  77. Huron Kinloss Against Lakeside Turbines will bring its fight against the 92-turbine Armow Wind Farm in Kincardine to Divisional court WCO
  78. A U.S. wind power developer that is seeking $653-million in damages under a NAFTA challenge accuses the government of Ontario of manipulating Green Energy Act rules to benefit the interests of Liberal-connected firms Continue reading here, National Post
  79. legal action if they pass a bylaw that could interfere with construction of a $296-million transformer station.
  80. By Don Crosby, The Sun Times taking West Grey back to court to secure entrance permits for properties in the East Durham Wind energy project … The project near Priceville was approved on Jan. 20… latest notice of motion, filed Sept. 24, asks the Divisional Court to enforce its own ruling of Aug. 14.
  81. Petrolia Lambton Independent Plympton-Wyoming’s proposed wind turbine noise bylaw
  82. My Huron Info Huron East Council decided to get the opinion of its lawyer before deciding whether or not to get involved with ongoing legal action
  83. 05/11/2014 | www.independent.on.ca ~~ A Lucknow farmer has received what he calls a threatening letter from legal counsel for K2 Wind, advising him that he must stop spreading manure on his fields or face a lawsuit.
  84. West Grey/How Green Is This, Brampton; Judicial Review. Developer: NextEra WCO
  85. Opponents of wpd Sumac Ridge project considering Judicial Review My Kawartha.com

Note that this list no longer includes the 51 or more Environmental Review Tribunals, which can be found under ERTs

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Burning debris and big chunks of ice aren’t the only things that are flying because of wind turbines.  Lawsuits are flying as well.


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