Big Wind on TVO Mar 24th at 9 PM

February 23, 2016

Big Wind is documentary on wind turbines in Ontario, Canada.

TVO schedule for Wednesday, March 24th, 2016:

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hiking hydro prices 80% between 2004 and 2014

December 15, 2015

A good history of Ontario’s electricity policies over a decade:

No one is more responsible for the ongoing electricity disaster in Ontario than former premier Dalton McGuinty. Read the rest of this entry »

Sign away land rights without compensation?

October 4, 2014

At least one wind company has suspended lease option payments to land owners, while awaiting a 20-year contract from the Ontario government.

However, the company is not cancelling the lease options, merely amending them.  It seems that they still want rights to your land, they just don’t want to compensate you. Exact wording here: Read the rest of this entry »


Could this be where the 550 m setback came from?

March 16, 2014

There is no scientific consensus on a safe setback distance between residences & wind turbines. Perhaps Ontario’s 550 m setback has more to do with assuring developers that a turbine can be dropped at the back of each rural lot, as indicated by the orange area below. If the adult residents have signed a lease with the wind company, then the turbine can be placed in the yellow area as well. Read the rest of this entry »

4 reasons Ontario doesn’t need more wind power

December 7, 2013

Ontario’s government is pushing wind power, while it has clearly demonstrated that we don’t need it:

  1. Province lost $1.2-billion this year exporting power
  2. Ontario wind power generators to be paid for not producing electricity
  3. is now planning a $1-billion underwater transmission line to take electricity from Ontario to the U.S. northeast
  4. Ontario’s government abandoned plans to build 2 nuclear reactors as Ontario “doesn’t need the power to meet its electricity demand”Read more:

What’s in that wind turbine contract?

December 2, 2013

CCSAGE Naturally Green

[The following article by Garth Manning, Chair of CCSAGE, on the dangers inherent in signing wind company turbine agreements, is directed at farmers and other landowners.  It is due to appear in the current Eastern and Western Ontario editions of Farmers Forum, which describes itself as the largest newspaper in Ontario directed at farmers, with a total circulation of 34,500 papers and more than 70,000 readers.]

You could be giving up the right to your land for longer than you are alive.

Wind companies operating in Ontario are frequently owned outside Canada, and are not interested in “saving the planet for our grandchildren” or “curing climate change” as those weary clichés would have you believe. Rather, they’re only after the biggest possible profits guaranteed over a period of from 21 to 40 years by our provincial government using the proceeds of Ontario residents’ constantly increasing hydro bills and taxes. 

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Wind Power contributed essentially nothing to reducing Ontario’s coal use

November 2, 2013

Source: OWR

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How to generate opposition to wind power

September 20, 2013

Originally posted one year ago:

To generate opposition to wind power, follow the example of Ontario, Canada:

  • Take away decision-making powers from local municipalities
  • Set noise limits, but don’t enforce them
  • Classify complaints as “other”, then deny that there are any
  • Grant legally binding contracts before public meetings to render consultation meaningless
  • Issue permit to cut down an active bald eagle nest Read the rest of this entry »

CBC Radio 1: paying operators to keep their wind turbines off

September 12, 2013

You may still be able to listen to the interview here: Sep 12 (Part 3)

ONTARIO WINDFARMS    Duration: 00:07:03

It’s every lazy employee’s dream: getting paid to not do work.

It may sound far-fetched, but this week, the Ontario government will start paying wind-farm operators to not produce energy, and to keep their wind turbines off. And the province says that this plan will actually save Ontarians money, in the long run.

To explain how that’s possible, we reached Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli in Toronto.

80% of Ontario’s wind generation at wrong time

April 13, 2013

the province has already lost $2 billion in electricity exports because power generated by wind often has to be exported at a loss.

“Eighty per cent of Ontario’s generation of electricity from wind power occurs at times and seasons so far out of phase with demand that the entire output is surplus and is exported at a substantial loss,” the report says. “Data from the Independent Electricity System Operator shows Ontario now loses, on average, $24,000 per operating hour on such sales, totalling $200 million annually.” Read article Sun