Chainsaw used to clear away bald eagle’s home

January 27, 2013

A subsidiary of an American energy company has chain-sawed a bald eagle nest to make way for a wind turbine with the blessing of Ontario bureaucrats.

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Outrage in Haldimand over bald eagle nest removal

January 16, 2013

Ontario Wind Resistance

DSC03319By Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer
FISHERVILLE – Wind turbine opponents in Haldimand are expressing outrage after a tree with a bald eagle’s nest was removed near Fisherville Saturday morning. The tree was cut down to make way for an access road for the Summerhaven wind turbine project. The Ministry of Natural Resources gave permission for the removal Dec. 31.

Until recently, the bald eagle was deemed a species-at-risk. It has since been upgraded to “a species of special concern” due to the growing number of nesting pairs along the north shore of Lake Erie. The nest destroyed on the weekend was one of 57 identified in southern Ontario in 2011.

“I was there and I witnessed it,” Ernie King of Cayuga, vice president of Haldimand Wind Concerns, said Monday. “The MNR is supposed to be protecting nature and enforcing the regulations that are in place. Are we trying to put the eagle…

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