wind turbines built near his home in Denmark, Wisconsin

April 6, 2014

During my reporting on the problem of wind-turbine noise, I have interviewed a number of homeowners who have abandoned their homes due to the noise. One of those people: Wisconsin resident Dave Enz. After talking with him on the phone, he sent me the following statement. I edited only for punctuation. I have added some follow up questions at the bottom of his statement. — Robert Bryce

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family leaves home to find relief from headaches

August 13, 2013

Port Elgin, Bruce County:

the unidentified family lives less than a kilometre from the turbine on Stickel Street, reporting migraines when the turbine is operational and the wind is blowing from the west off Lake Huron. He says the family leaves their home to find relief from the headaches, but adds the symptoms return upon re-entering their home. Blackburn News

had to permanently move out of my home

July 22, 2013

Dufferin County:

I have had to permanently move out of my home because of this problem… Since I have moved to another location I have no longer had any health problems related to the noise from the wind turbines

Do These Statements Sound Like They’re Coming from Nimby’s? | National Wind Watch

sold a property located near two wind turbines in the Ridgetown area

July 21, 2013

…sold a property located near two wind turbines in the Ridgetown area after suffering months of sleep deprivation from noise he claims is caused by the turbines.

abandoned residence in her home

June 1, 2013


… tried sleeping in her vehicle sometimes, remained at school after hours despite her fatigue, and spent weekends elsewhere.  After a year and half, upon her son’s advice, she abandoned residence in her home APPEC

moved into a basement room without windows so he could get sleep

May 23, 2013

Dufferin County:

moved into a basement room without windows so he could get sleep. Read article

He finds relief by sleeping away from home

May 12, 2013


He finds relief by sleeping away from home or in the unfinished basement, which requires his shutting down the furnace and thereby cutting off heat to the house.

coping with the health impacts by leaving

March 12, 2013

Bruce County:

… coping with the health impacts by leaving our farm to spend time in town or neighbouring communities. We have purchased a trailer and rented a site at a nearby campground in order to get away from the turbines on a regular basis during the warmer weather. WCO

renting a room 12 kms away for $500.00 per month

November 28, 2012

Dufferin County:

“renting a room 12 km’s away” (from Corbetton, Ontario)

“driving to my son’s home just to escape” (wind turbine noise)

Wanted: Wanted Room Only to Sleep To escape Wind Turbine Sickness

November 12, 2012

Counties of Dufferin, Grey

Ontario Wind Resistance

Kijiji Ad Nov. 9, 2012
58 Yr Old Non smoker needs room in Shelburne, Dundalk only to sleep at night because Wind Turbines Causing Major Illness, must be able to have Cable TV or Satellite, References available, Do not need any other facilities except access to bathroom, no laundry needed, no sharing of home or apt needed, will pay Cash. Cannot be near Turbines obviously, I currently live in Corbetton. Only need bed and side table and lamp but could supply that myself if necessary.
This could be a nice extra income for senior or other quiet person. Must be quiet home or area, not on noisy highway. Please reply to ad.
Thank you very much

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