Nanticoke Open House Tuesday, December 10th

December 6, 2013



Excess Ontario energy to meet U.S. demand

December 3, 2013

… now planning a $1-billion underwater transmission line to take electricity from Ontario to the U.S. northeast…

… This would involve laying two six-inch high-voltage direct current cables from Nanticoke, Ont., to Erie county, about 100 kilometres across Lake Erie…

… There is often surplus power in Ontario because of over-capacity

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Are wind companies being allowed to build extra turbines?

September 12, 2012

The Summerhaven Project had a FIT Contract Offered April 2010 for 125 MW. The Ontario Ministry of Environment issued an approval

“for the construction, installation, operation, use and retiring of a wind facility, with a total name plate capacity of 131.04 megawatts (MW)” [emphasis added]

so that the company can install 59 turbines. Are wind companies now being allowed to install more turbines than they have a contract for?

Another map of Haldimand County wind turbine locations

July 5, 2012

Source: OWR

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Wind Turbine blade tip speed calculations

April 26, 2012

Haldimand example:

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Local Group(s)

March 19, 2012

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Haldimand County industrial wind turbine maps

February 16, 2012

Haldimand County:

Clear Creek residents displaced by wind turbines

October 3, 2011

… she now sleeps on a couch in her son’s trailer, 12 kilometres away, and only returns to her house to eat breakfast and dinner and use the internet.

“I had to get out,” … “It was getting so, so bad. And I had to disclose the health issues I had. I was told by two prominent lawyers that I would be sued if the ensuing purchasers were to develop health problems.”

… has a historic home in Clear Creek, refuses to sell it and instead has become a nomad, renting from place to place with her son, to avoid the ill effects of the turbines.

Industrial wind turbine problems in Haldimand County

July 19, 2011

One person had to move out of the existing six turbine wind farm at Lowbanks because they couldn’t sleep. A second farm in the zone can’t be sold. In both cases the real estate agents take people to view the properties and they walk away when they see the wind turbines. An agent in the proposed multiple wind turbine farm zone in south Haldimand lost a sale when his clients learned of the proposed turbines.

It is with great· sadness that we have come to the realization that the “Mohawk Point Wind Farm” has virtually destroyed our backyard avian population. (Lowbanks Wind Facility, Haldimand County, Ontario)

7,600 Large Onshore Wind Turbines in Ontario

March 31, 2011

To see the most recent list of turbines installed in or proposed for Ontario (Canada), click this link:

All are as big or larger than Toronto’s Ex Place turbine.Oct 22 13 Turbines For Ontario-3

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