How many buses does it take to measure a wind turbine?

July 13, 2012

How big is a wind turbine compared to a 48 passenger school bus that is 12 m long?

2.5 MW Wind Turbine

Some 2.5 MW GE XL turbines have a 100 m tower. Lying on the ground (as they do during assembly), this would be the length of 8 school buses parked bumper to bumper. Each of the three 50 m blades is the length of 4 buses for another 12 buses. The nacelle is the size of one school bus. Therefore, it would take 21 (8 + 3×4 + 1) school buses to measure all of the components of a wind turbine as they lie on the ground during the construction phase.

1.8 MW Wind Turbine

Note that this image shows the scale of a different turbine. It represents a 1.8 MW Vestas turbine from Denmark: