Dufferin County Families Forced out of Homes

May 30, 2011

They have been forced out of their homes at the recommendation of their doctor, who used to be a medical officer of health, because of the constant noise and electrical pollution produced by the substation.


Dufferin County Home Now Owned by Wind Company

May 27, 2011

Their home was bought out … in June 2009, one of six homeowners who sold their houses to the utility company. Each seller had to sign confidentiality agreements.


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Dufferin County Residents Driven from Home

May 24, 2011

“You have 10kHz micro surges being introduced into your home, therefore it compares to living inside a microwave oven environment.”

After receiving the report, Terry and Theresa left their home, moving in with family near Dundalk. As a result, they said their symptoms have abated.



Dufferin County Property Offers Fall Through

March 17, 2011

As well, she said the turbines – although still at the proposal stage – have already affected property values. “A neighbour has had three offers on her property fall through. Real estate agents have to tell prospective buyers about the turbines,” she said.



Dufferin County: 6 Homeowners Gagged

March 2, 2011

According to the land registry office in Orangeville… six homes in Dufferin County have been purchased by Canadian Hydro Developers after serious complaints



Their home was bought out … in June 2009, one of six homeowners (in Dufferin County) who sold their houses to the utility company


she was forced to leave her home near a Shelburne turbine after experiencing those symptoms, as well as a host of others, including pressure in her chest, ringing in her ears and strange rashes.

“All of these health events were not a coincidence,” she said, noting that the symptoms disappeared shortly after she and her husband moved away from the turbines.