Ontario’s decision-making process

Regarding the decision-making process for developing wind turbines, there are 3 parties:

  • Developer – approaches landowner, then applies to the Ontario government
  • Landowner – signs a contract with the developer
  • Government – Ontario’s approach has been to approve every project as is, as the government has already issued a contract before the Ministry of Environment signs off on the project. For example, a project was approved for 59 turbines that involved cutting down a tree with an active eagle nest. The government could have chosen to approve the project for 56 turbines & saved the eagle nest, but chose to do exactly what the developer wanted. This has been Ontario’s approach. Basically, the developers set the agenda.
All other residents are excluded until after a legally-binding contract has been issued by the government. Only then is a so-called public consultation held. Any input from residents is ignored or used against them by government lawyers should they choose to follow the appeal process set up by the same government that issues the contracts & approves the projects.

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