870 litres of gear oil in each wind turbine

Bluewater, Ontario
… newly erected turbines are springing leaks all over the place.  7 last count.  My understanding is there is 870 litres of gear oil in each Nacelle.  One of the residents noticed it because a glob of it landed on his arm. I have reports from the Ocotillo Wind Energy Facility, located in Southern California.  A resident surrounded by 112 turbines advised “We estimate that about 70% of the turbines are or have leaked.”  Should you see one, you need to report the spill to the Ministry’s Spills Action toll free number at 1-800-268-6060 along with the Municipality.

Best four min. explanation you need to understand Infrasound

Wind Turbine fire in Portugal: about 4 min.
Wind Turbine Accidents: 7 min.
Denmark: 31 seconds


No real dangers, right?
And for a real mess:  7 min +
Wind Turbine Demolition: 37 sec.

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