Scotland: 5 million trees chopped down for wind turbines (That’s what’s called “saving the planet”)

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(Somehow these idiot politicians just don’t get that trees are needed for the eco-system of this planet to be relatively stable and thrive.  For decades we’ve been lectured about losing the Amazon forest.  Well it’s all connected!  The trees in Scotland and Ontario, etc. are just as important to the earth as the Amazon forest is, in one way or another.  Chopping down this many trees to put up useless 400-foot concrete and steel structures is a crime against nature and only makes sense in the minds of the truly eco-delusional.  Yet the diehard wind supporters will make excuse after excuse for doing such incredibly stupid things in the name of ‘saving the planet’. — DQ) 


Ilona Amos — The Scotsman — January 2, 2014

Forestry Commission statistics reveal that about five million trees – almost one for every person in Scotland – have been cut down to clear…

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