Wynne names urban lobbyist to Rural Affairs

December 5, 2014

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Google Engineers Conclude Renewables like Wind and Solar are a Waste of Time and Resources

December 4, 2014

Quixotes Last Stand

Margaret Wente — Globe and Mail — November 24, 2014

All over Ontario, giant wind turbines are sprouting up across the rural landscape and ruining people’s lives. Ordinary people are trying to fight them off in court, but they don’t have a chance. The multinational wind industry has a lot more money than they do. The law is on Big Wind’s side. So is Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government, which has pledged to triple the number of wind and solar generators and stick taxpayers with the bill.

But the fundamental problem with Big Wind is much bigger than its cost and unreliability. The problem is that today’s renewable energy technologies won’t save us from the effects of climate change – and we’re wasting our time by trying.

That’s the conclusion Google has reached. Google has invested many years and significant resources in tackling the world’s climate and energy problems. Its…

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Ontario’s wind turbines: Onshore vs. offshore

October 6, 2014

Although installing wind turbines offshore doesn’t address the inherent inefficiency & inconsistency of wind power, there are certain advantages to offshore wind:

  • More consistent winds
  • No more trees cut down for turbines
  • Less agricultural land taken out of production
  • No more active eagles’ nests destroyed, as in Haldimand County, Ontario

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Central Huron Against Turbines newsletter

October 4, 2014

This Could save your farm Insert (650 KB pdf file)

Wind Turbine News JULY 31-2014 Final A low res (490 KB pdf file)

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Sign away land rights without compensation?

October 4, 2014

At least one wind company has suspended lease option payments to land owners, while awaiting a 20-year contract from the Ontario government.

However, the company is not cancelling the lease options, merely amending them.  It seems that they still want rights to your land, they just don’t want to compensate you. Exact wording here: Read the rest of this entry »

1030 years of green-washing

August 25, 2014

Around the year 984 or 985, the outlaw Eirik the Red returned to Iceland, after having spent 3 winters in a land he called Greenland, as he said people would be attracted there if it had a favourable name. In reality, Greenland is almost completely covered in ice, and therefore not very green at all. This may well be history’s first example of green-washing: calling things green to make them seem better than they are. Things haven’t changed much in 1030 years.

“no longer green energy”

July 11, 2014

Winds farms, says Cheskey, “just can’t go everywhere. There should be certain no-go zones.” If turbines start killing birds and damaging biodiversity, “to me it’s no longer green energy,” he says.

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Golden eagles would funnel through a turbine killing zone in Prince Edward County

July 11, 2014

CCSAGE Naturally Green

Golden eagleThe south shore of Prince Edward County (PEC), where two industrial wind power generation projects are proposed (White Pines/wpd Canada and Ostrander Point/Gilead Power), is a main migration path for the at-risk Golden Eagle. This is clear from both government information on the birds, and is confirmed in the wind power developer’s own Species At Risk report; the wpd report was obtained by community group the County Coalition for Safe Appropriate Green Energy, or CCSAGE, through a Freedom of Information request.

The wpd surveys reported an average of four Golden Eagles per day on each of the three survey days in November—and, according to the surveys, most were flying at the wind turbine blade height. As a result, there could be at least as many as 120 Golden Eagles migrating through the area in the month of November alone, all flying at the dangerous blade level. It is presumed the…

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Which part is the green part?

July 1, 2014

Is it the trees & vegetation cleared to build 70 km of new roads? Or the 315 km of underground & overhead power lines? Or the fossil fuel burned to deliver 1,240 large truckloads? Or the mining & smelting to make the turbine parts?

1,240 large truckloads of turbine parts delivered. About 280 km of underground cable was laid, about 70 km of gravel access roads were built, about 35 km of overhead transmission lines were installed and there is a 1 km transmission line that runs under Highway 401 Chatham This Week

vehicle emissions biggest contributor to air pollution

June 4, 2014

All of the Ontario government’s messing around with the electricity sector for the past decade is not addressing the # 1 source of air pollution; the millions of vehicles on Ontario roads.

According to a Toronto Public Health report released earlier this month, motor vehicle emissions are the biggest contributor to air pollution

Levels of nitrous oxide are higher around Toronto highways