What’s in that wind turbine contract?

CCSAGE Naturally Green

[The following article by Garth Manning, Chair of CCSAGE, on the dangers inherent in signing wind company turbine agreements, is directed at farmers and other landowners.  It is due to appear in the current Eastern and Western Ontario editions of Farmers Forum, which describes itself as the largest newspaper in Ontario directed at farmers, with a total circulation of 34,500 papers and more than 70,000 readers.]

You could be giving up the right to your land for longer than you are alive.

Wind companies operating in Ontario are frequently owned outside Canada, and are not interested in “saving the planet for our grandchildren” or “curing climate change” as those weary clichés would have you believe. Rather, they’re only after the biggest possible profits guaranteed over a period of from 21 to 40 years by our provincial government using the proceeds of Ontario residents’ constantly increasing hydro bills and taxes. 

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