A message from your ‘local’ wind company

———- Forwarded message ———-


Wind turbine companies receive a lot of criticism. We feel that this is unfair. We would like to say a few words in our own defence:

  • No problems have been identified by any of the studies that we’ve funded.
  • Turbines don’t seem to bother those who don’t live anywhere near them. In fact, turbines seem to be the furthest things from their minds.
  • Our companies have come from around the world to visit your small community & interact with your locally elected representatives.
  • Politicians are surprisingly willing to meet with our lobbyists.
  • The governing party seems happy to accept our financial contributions.
  • Bureaucrats grant exemptions to endangered species protections for our industry, but not other industries.
  • We help your legislators identify which laws need modification.
  • Municipal councils become less resistant after the situation is made clear by our legal team.
  • We don’t want to bother your workers, so we bring our own.
  • To ease their transition into life after politics, we provide your former politicians with employment.
  • All of those to whom we give money seem very supportive of our projects.

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