Wind turbines consume vast amounts of Power – which they don’t pay for!


One of the crimes of wind is that we are mislead on how much energy is used when wind farms are not working, and with percentages in Europe as low as 16% and regularly between 21% and 23% that is the majority of the time. The scarcity of information only confirms the understanding that no records are kept and no back charges are made. In other words they don’t pay for it! When challenged on this a resident engineer at a local wind farm suggested that the figures were so small as not worth the bother. Trying telling that to the Hydro next time you bypass the meter! However for an industry that declaims any knowledge they have a name for it: Parasitic Consumption. Well we might all suggest that Parasitic refers to the bulk of the industry and all their hangers on from consultants to legal beagles. However like…

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