Map of wind power projects in Algoma District


algoma wind power projects map



One Response to Map of wind power projects in Algoma District

  1. Maralyn Pandzic says:

    This is so disturbing that individuals who don’t visit and/or appreciate the beauty and wildlife of Algoma is allowed to make such imposing and damaging decisions all in the name of mighty dollar. Who could drive north of Sault Ste. Marie along the breath taking shorelines and think that wind turbines would be a good idea to construct on the these shores, mountains and forests? I have difficulty even comprehending this would be allowed? This is not green energy especially when it takes away the beauty of pristine lakes, forests, and all that comes with it. Easy to impose big business decisions on an area that has a very small population and makes it so much more difficult to have a loud voice. As we all know when our ill informed politicians make bad decisions it takes an army of individuals to fight in attempt to make it right. And politicians get paid for this. It is a shame that they can buy out the natives that preach heritage land conservation etc. when it serves their purpose but when the mighty dollar is waved in front of them all integrity disappears. All of these decision makers obviously value the mighty dollar ahead of a green earth and shame of all of you for hiding behind so called “green energy” to fool the public. One brilliant Prince Township politician said to me with excitement “aren’t they beautiful?”. Who in their right mind could approve raping the land of beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers, wildlife, etc. ban nature lovers from the area and exclaim a massive tower of steel and blinking lights are beautiful? All of these individuals don’t deserve to leave the perimeters of the concrete jungles of the city! Whatever happened to politicians who are informed and have the brains and desire to fight for whats right? They all go with the flow of other self-serving politicians fighting for their own agendas and suck up our hard earned tax dollars to do it.

    So disappointed in humanity these days!

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