The second annual Golden Pinwheel Awards were presented at a special event in London, by Wind Concerns Ontario, the coalition of individuals and community groups concerned about the negative impacts of large-scale wind power projects on Ontario communities.
The winners are:
*Hopeless community leader award: Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope for being the poster-boy for the wind power industry in advertising, while his constituents suffer the effects of ‘Big Wind.’
*Master of Conflict of Interest award: Mike Crawley who was  Ontario Liberal Party president  at the same time he was CEO of wind power developer AIM-PowerGen, which received contracts for power generation.
*Environmentalist of the Year award: a TIE VOTE
Ontario Ministry of the Environment Director Vic Shroter who is named as approving a wind power project at Ostrander Point, a globally significant area for migratory birds, and
The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources which gave wind power developer NextEra permission to remove a Bald Eagle nest to make way for its Summerhaven wind project. The Ministry is being renamed the Ministry of Nothing Refused.
*Corporate Good Citizen of the Year award: Enbridge, which claims to be pro-environment while refusing to help more than 20 families who are sick from environmental noise at its Kincardine area wind project.
*Outstanding Achievement in Special Effects: Ontario Energy Minister Chris Bentley for use of smoke and mirrors to claim that a few hundred wind turbines have saved hundreds of lives due to air pollution.
 *Finally, the Lifetime Achievement Award: departing Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty whose legacy to the province is a scarred landscape, sick families, and skyrocketing electricity bills.”By the year 2016, Ontario consumers will be paying over $2,000 a year more for their power, thanks to Mr McGuinty’s spending on expensive renewable power projects,” said Wind Concerns vice-president Parker Gallant, in presenting the special award. “This government has spent billions and yet, not added any new generation to our system. That is quite the legacy.”
“Mr McGuinty once claimed that objectors to large-scale wind projects would get tired and go away,” said Wind Concerns Ontario president Jane Wilson.  “He’s all but gone now, but we’re still fighting this tremendous scam that is harming communities and the environment, raising power bills, and making people sick.”

More than 50 representatives of communities across Ontario, and individual Wind Concerns Ontario members met in London for the group’s annual general meeting and conference. Members are calling for a halt to all approvals on wind power projects, cancellation of existing contracts, rigorous testing for noise on existing project, development of testing protocols for low frequency noise or infrasound, and last, compensation for people who have been made ill by the environmental noise produced by large-scale wind power projects.


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