Proposed changes to Cultural Heritage Assessment process

Ontario Wind Resistance

Public input is requested by the Ontario Government and is only open until December 6th, regarding proposed changes to Cultural Heritage Assessment process involving Renewable Energy projects.  The proposal will streamline the process in favour of the proponent.

Earlier this year the Ministry of the Environment made regulatory amendments to Ontario Regulation 359/09 Renewable Energy Approvals. These amendments, which came into force on July 1, 2012, responded to public and proponent concerns that were raised as part of the Feed-In Tariff Two-Year Review and the government’s review of current practice since the implementation of the REA regulation.  The revised regulation can be accessed online at:   These amendments included changes to sections 19 through 23, which outline the cultural heritage requirements of the REA.

Changes include: Proponents are no longer required to prepare separate written summaries related to protected properties. These summaries will now be included in the design…

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