Manitoulin Island wind development appealed

Ontario Wind Resistance

MCSEA PRESS RELEASE               Nov 19,2012
The twenty four industrial wind turbine development on McLean’s Mountain has been approved by the Ministry of the Environment on Oct 31,2012 and is permitted to move ahead.

The project planned by the investment firm Northland Power Inc and their partners of Mnidoo Mnising Power of the United Chiefs and Councils of Mnidoo Mnising occupies 20 thousand acres of Manitoulin escarpment which the locals refer to as “the Green Bush” and will affect residents from Little Current to Honora and Green Bay. Visible impacts will be much further affecting Manitoulin Island’s unique landscape.

The turbines will stand 638 feet tall, have approximately 328 ft diameter blades, and are rated at 2.5MW and one at 2.355 MW of expensive unreliable power each. Wind farms in the province run at approximately 30% or less of their rated capacity.

Wind Farms continue to be paid for electricity that…

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