Bluewater wind turbine fees close to $1 million apiece

Ontario Wind Resistance

By Mac Christie, Times-Advocate Staff
VARNA – It will cost close to $1 million apiece to build industrial wind turbines in Bluewater. Bluewater municipal council made the decision to set new building permit fees and guidelines for industrial wind turbines within the municipality at a public meeting Nov. 5.

Bluewater had been without a building permit fee for the turbines after striking the existing one from the books in May and many concerned citizens filled the gallery to voice concerns over turbine development. The new fees are based on a $10 charge per kilowatt the turbine outputs.

NextEra Energy, the company behind the Goshen and Bluewater Wind Energy Centres, uses 1.6-megawatt GE turbines. Based upon that output, each turbine would have a base building permit fee of $16,500. For Northland Power’s Grand Bend Wind Farm, which uses larger, 2.3-megawatt Siemens turbines, the building permit cost would be $23,000.

However, the…

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