6,700 km of new transmission lines for Ontario?

Prince Edward County’s White Pines Wind Project requires 29 km of transmission lines just to connect to the grid, not including the power lines within the project itself. That’s 1 km of transmission line for each of the 29 turbines proposed. If this is typical, then it would mean about 6,700 km of new power lines to reach the 6,700 turbines proposed for or installed in Ontario.

29 turbines will each require connection to the planned sub-station at Royal and Dainard roads. By itself, that’s many kilometres of wire on posts (and construction damage and demolished trees), mostly affecting South Marysburgh.

But from there, a large portion of the rest of the County gets to share in the misery…

… with a 29 kilometre linear visual nightmare with as many as four hundred giant poles, many of them stayed with guy lines. Hundreds of trees will be removed to make way for them. QLS CL

So much for being ‘green’


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