Lansink’s 2nd Property Diminution in Price Study: Clear Creek, ON

Ontario Wind Resistance

Case Studies Clear Creek Melancthon Wind Turbines Oct-12
CONCLUSIONS – Current Values, Property Purchases and Re-Sales Market evidence suggests that ‘dwelling properties’ will be harmed or injured by the construction, use, and maintenance of wind turbines situated in the vicinity. Real or perceived nuisances resulting from wind turbines produces buyer resistance that results in price diminution.
Conclusion:Clear Creek, known as Frogmore-Cultus-Clear Creek, about 18 Wind Turbines

  1. 1480 Lakeshore Road, Norfolk           -44.17%
  2. 71 Norfolk County Road 23, Norfolk  -55.18%
  3. 47 Concession Road A, Norfolk         -22.47%
  4. 43 Old Mill Road, Norfolk                  -32.96%
  5. 1575 Lakeshore Road, Norfolk          -27.67%
  6. 1527 Lakeshore Road, Norfolk          -28.88%
  7. 1921 Lakeshore Road, Norfolk          -38.48%

Median -32.96%
Average -35.69%
Low -22.47%
High -55.18%

None of the above properties had…

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