Do wind turbines reduce Ontario’s low emissions?

A newly released study… notes the limited capability of industrial wind turbines to reduce emissions… Some perspective is necessary here as the percentages for CO2 reductions provides relate to a grid with 500 CO2eq/kWh: the emissions intensity of Ontario’s total generation in 2010 was 130 g CO2eq/kWh: as minor as the benefits noted in the study may be, the benefits are far lesser, or non-existent, in Ontario. WCO

Wind turbines generate some electricity (when not consuming electricity in standby mode), but do turbines increase or decrease CO2 emissions? How many CO2-consuming trees & food crops will no longer grow on land replaced with turbine access roads & electrical infrastructure? How much CO2 is generated by the manufacture, transportation, installation & operation of wind turbines?

Let’s look at the Kingsbridge 2 project in Ontario (some numbers based on Kingsbridge 1):

  • 100 acre farm converted to electrical infrastructure (substation)
  • 140 access roads to install/maintain the turbines
  • power lines for 140 turbines
  • 5,000 metric tonnes of fiberglas blades & hubs – for each turbine blade produced, one TON of hazardous and toxic waste is created QLS
  • 9,000 metric tonnes for nacelles (generator, gearbox, cooling system, electronics and transformer)
  • 27,000 metric tonnes of steel (towers)
  • 30,000 cubic metres of concrete (foundations)

One Response to Do wind turbines reduce Ontario’s low emissions?

  1. Matthew Gaasenbeek III . says:

    To produce one ton of cement you create one ton of CO2 ; one ton of steel about 6-7 tons of CO2 . You can now work out the rest

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