Dufferin Wind Power rail corridor

China based owners of the company want to take over our rail corridor owned by Dufferin County (aka ‘we the residents’) for it’s transmission line.

Dufferin County Council is the ultimate decision maker as to what will happen to the corridor.
The power lines would be barely 60 feet from some peoples homes.
There were initially 2 possible transmission routes and they have decided that the second one that was going through Mulmur and Mono (and was met with a huge newspaper campaign and website demanding they choose the other route) is not preferred and so it seems it has been taken off the table.
Neither option is acceptable!
These power lines will use the rail corridor to go through Melancthon, through the town of Shelburne and down through Amaranth to a switching station.
There are 3 meetings coming up. Please attend.
Please protest this unrelenting taking of our lands.
Please write your representatives now!
October 22 – Amaranth
Amaranth Township Hall
374028 6th Line Amaranth
 6-8 pm
October 23 – Shelburne
Centre Dufferin Recreational Complex
200 Fiddlepark Lane
6-8 pm
October 24- Melancthon
Hornings Mills Community Hall
14 Mill Street Hornings Mills
6-8 pm
Council Members for the 2010 to 2014 Term of Council are: Rob Adams, Mayor of Orangeville Ken Bennington, Deputy Mayor of Shelburne Rhonda Campbell Moon, Deputy Mayor of Mulmur Ed Crewson, Mayor of Shelburne Bill Hill, Mayor of Melancthon Walter Kolodziechuk, Deputy Mayor of Amaranth (current Warden) Don MacIver, Mayor of Amaranth Warren Maycock, Deputy Mayor of Orangeville Ken McGhee, Deputy Mayor of Mono Paul Mills, Mayor of Mulmur John Oosterhof, Mayor of Grand Valley Laura Ryan, Mayor of Mono    Allen Taylor, Mayor of East Garafraxa Darren White, Deputy Mayor of Melancthon
Please attend these meetings in support of the residents who are already going through hell in Melancthon and those who are facing even more power lines (and towers) in Amaranth.
Not only must the wind company hear you loud and clear but County Council who has control of this rail corridor must hear from you also!
This is public consultation time. You must voice your concerns.
The proponents are writing letters of support for the turbine and transmission line project.
Please write County Council a letter. If they don’t hear then they don’t know!
Walter Kolodziechuk
warden@dufferincounty.ca 519.941.2816 2501
Chief Administrative Officer
Sonya Pritchard
cao@dufferincounty.ca 519.941.2816 2502
Clerk/Director of Corporate Services
Pam Hillock
clerk@dufferincounty.ca 519.941.2816 2503

The Corporation of the County of Dufferin 55 Zina Street Orangeville, ON L9W 1E5

Be aware of the fact that other wind projects will take advantage of this corridor if Dufferin County allows a Chinese state owned industrial wind company to take control of it.  This would include transmission from projects in Grey Highlands.  Speak up now!

2 Responses to Dufferin Wind Power rail corridor

  1. K Mooij says:

    The map on their website for the Dundalk area doesn’t seem to be correct. Main street is too far south.

  2. B. Steele says:

    What can we do to stop this High Voltage Line, I live right next door to this. Please email and tell me what you know, is this really going to go through?

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