Niagara Escarpment Commission won’t support turbines

Ontario Wind Resistance

Owen Sound Sun Times
Denis Langlois
Agency has authority to comment on projects within one kilometre of NEC boundary

Industrial wind turbines and the Niagara Escarpment don’t mix, say top officials with the agency that oversees land-use planning near and on the protected landform.

Both Niagara Escarpment Commission manager Ken Whitbread and chairman Don Scott said they cannot see the NEC approving the construction of any industrial wind turbines within the escarpment plan area, which winds through GreyBruce and ends at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula.

“If you’re dealing with a turbine that’s 400 or 500 feet tall to the top of the blade, you can’t hide them and they’re not compatible with the aesthetic of the escarpment,” Whitbread said in an interview Tuesday following a presentation at a Grey County council meeting in Owen Sound.

Unlike other areas of the province where Queen’s Park has final say over…

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