Just for your information, please note that I will be reading the letter below to council during unscheduled delegations at 11:00am, Monday, May 7th at regular council meeting.  Meetings are still being held at Markdale Fire Hall, 200 Isla Street, Markdale.  Council now has a section for the end of their meetings when they decide on action to be taken on unscheduled delegations of the day.  Lorrie
—– Original Message —–
Please add this letter to your agenda as correspondence.  Please pass this letter on to Dan Best on my behalf as well.
May 3rd, 2012
Dear Council:
Last night at 10:00pm I received a frantic call from one of my neighbours living in the Plateau industrial turbine zone created by Mike Crawley and gang.
The family is at the end of the rope.  They haven’t slept properly for 6 weeks now.  They can’t even stand being outside of their house anymore. They say many others on their road are having difficulty as well. They’ve contacted MOE as have other families living in the shadow of these turbines. 
Experience from the past shows MOE will not be of any help in mitigating the devastating effects being experienced by these people.  Experience from the past also shows that the wind company, this one in particular, will not put a stop to the suffering either.  People in Clear Creek, another area decimated by Mike Crawley’s gang, have walked away from turbine toxic homes and have not had any help to date.
This is insane.  No one has the right to systematically and knowingly destroy families in this manner for any reason.
I implore, beg and plea with council to speak out strongly and with the clear conviction that your neighbours are being harmed and that this is NOT acceptable in the municipality of Grey Highlands and to continue doing so until there is substantial action taken to fix this problem, even if it means demanding the shut down of the towers causing the problem.

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