Monday, May 21st: Province Wide Protest

Province Wide Protest
Monday, May 21st:
People all over Ontario are planning to greet heavy traffic with signs and information on May 21st, Monday of the first long weekend!  Some areas will be a few people with signs and some areas will be hundreds of people with signs and all are ready to wake this province up!
For our part over here in Dufferin/Grey, we will be setting up in the middle of the turbine mess north of Shelburne where 7+ families have been bought out by the wind company, where many others sit and suffer because no one wants to buy a turbine/substation toxic home and where the For Sale signs and the vacated properties are at an all time high.
At 1:00pm on Hwy. 10, north of Shelburne, between County Road 17 and County Road 21, we will park next to a hydro pole on the EAST side of the Hwy.  (Drive to the center area between these two roads and take the next available hydro pole on either side of protesters already there.) Pull over as far as you can.  Plan to decorate your stationary vehicle with signs, etc.  The space between where you are parked and the next person is parked at the next hydro pole is your area to picket with your mobile signs: homemade, premade, banners, balloons; anything goes!
Be sure to stay OFF of the highway itself at all times for your own safety and for the safety of drivers passing by.
Let’s get the message out there again!  We will picket for as long as we can or for as long as traffic stays heavy, so bring drinks, food, appropriate clothing. 
See you there!

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