Ontario still only province without majority

Alberta once again has a majority government, leaving Ontario as the only province with a minority. The Ontario Liberals lost most of their rural seats due to the unpopularity of industrial wind turbine projects. The Liberals took away municipal planning authority with the so-called Green Energy Act of 2009.

  • Red = Liberal
  • Blue = PC
  • Orange = NDP
  1. 2008/12/08 Liberal Majority with 53% of seats in Quebec
  2. 2009/05/12: Liberal Majority with 58% of seats in BC
  3. 2009/06/09: NDP Majority with 60% of seats in Nova Scotia
  4. 2010/09/27: PC Majority with 76% of seats in New Brunswick
  5. 2011/05/02: Conservative Majority with 54% of seats in Canada
  6. 2011/10/03: 2nd Liberal Majority with 81% of seats in PEI
  7. 2011/10/04: 4th NDP Majority with 65% of seats in Manitoba
  8. 2011/10/06: Liberal MINORITY with 49.5% of seats in Ontario
  9. 2011/10/11: 3rd Conservative Majority with 77% of seats in Nfld
  10. 2011/10/11: 3rd Yukon Party Majority with 58% of seats
  11. 2011/11/07: 2nd Saskatchewan Party Majority with 84% of seats
  12. 2012/04/23: 12th Conservative Majority with 63% of seats in Alberta

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