Map of wind turbine projects on Oak Ridges Moraine

Ontario’s so-called Green Energy Act overrides ecological protections provided by the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan, but they are still being promoted on this Ontario government website:

Map of wind turbine projects on Oak Ridges Moraine

there is now another met tower that has been erected on the Moraine in the vicinity of the Pontypool and Bethany

The following wind projects are at least partly on the Oak Ridges Moraine:

  1. Sumac Ridge Wind Farm. The staff report states the current design uses five 2.05 MW wind turbines with a maximum capacity of 11.5 MW. Two of these turbines are located in the Oak Ridges Moraine. As such, the entire project must be considered under the Moraine legislation. OWR QLS
  2. Snowy Ridge  wind project – near Bethany in Kawartha Lakes (5 turbines)
  3. Settler’s Landing wind project in Manvers Twp. near Pontypool in Kawartha Lakes (5 turbines)
  4. Ganaraska – near Orono in Durham Region (10 turbines)
  5. Clean Breeze wind project near Grafton, just west of Centreton in Northumberland County cancelled?
  6. Stoneboat Community Wind Farm project would be built under the same feed-in-tariff contract as the defunct Whispering Woods Wind Park just east of Millbrook. (5 turbines) The Peterborough Examiner

Re: Thunder Bay’s Big Thunder project: While not on the Oak Ridges Moraine,

“…the Nor’Wester is a unique natural feature, our regions equivalent to the Oak Ridges Moraine or the Niagara Escarpment.”

“I …. fully support Fort William First Nation, Municipality of Neebing and the broad base of community stakeholders that have worked tirelessly in opposition of this project.”

– See more at:

2 Responses to Map of wind turbine projects on Oak Ridges Moraine

  1. matt leutchford says:

    Can anyone tell me exactly where these turbines are going? I hear all sorys of conflicting stories. Thx

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