Dear Prime Minister Harper, Premiers, Attorney Generals of Canada,

Please find attached an urgent letter to the Attorney Generals of Canada, the Premiers and to the Prime Minister of Canada.  We will also copy to every Parliamentarian in the entire country as well as the Senate. The U.S. counterpart of this letter will follow shortly.

The matter at hand is extremely urgent; the senseless and wasteful proliferation of industrial wind factories across North America impacts the Canadian and U.S. economy, the environment, the health of people including the disabled, the elderly, and children, who depend on the legal system for protection and redress.  We have the opportunity to learn from the errors of Europe, and stop the carnage now.

Industrial wind turbines are not green. They do not produce electricity, less than half of one percent internationally, despite massive, thoughtless, energy sprawl. They harm humans, wildlife, and drive the economy into complete disarray. Witness the plight of Greece, Spain, Italy and many others.

With over 600 anti wind groups in North American and Europe, and with 2800 hundred world wide, the imperative nature for a moratorium call is clear and irrepressible.

Please call for an immediate moratorium at the Federal level on industrial wind turbines. Please initiate the call to action within this detailed letter.

(Letters to Honorable Jean Charet and Don Morgan to be delivered by registered letter and fax.)

Thank you sincerely,
Sherri Lange

CEO, NA-PAW, North American Platform Against Wind Power
Founding Director, Toronto Wind Action
Executive Director, Canada, Great Lakes Wind Truth
Vice-President, Canada, Save the Eagles International


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