Why are governments and the power industry in denial?

Why don’t government ministries, industry associations, political parties and ENGOs acknowledge the numerous disadvantages of industrial wind turbines?

This Upton Sinclair quote may shed some light on the matter: 

‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.’

Will Ontarians ever hear the truth about industrial wind turbines when so many organizations are making money from them?


One Response to Why are governments and the power industry in denial?

  1. loulee says:

    Why are they in denial, they are not, they are making a lot of money and they don’t want the green to stop going into there bank accounts. It is a scam , a huge scam, and the Liberal and NDP are making a lot of money. It was Bob Rae’s government that bankrupt Ontario Hydro, that is your debt retirement charge on your hydro bill, to pay for rainforest in brazil. Maurice Strong was Head of Ont hydro during that time and is a very good friend of Bob Rae, he is also head of the Koyoto Summit that Cretain signed to be a member, and guess where he is now living China. Wake up people it is a huge scam. Our nucler power plants are the safest, it is not the same nuclear plant that Japan has nor 3 mile island. Guess where the isotopes come from to detect CANCER NUCLER PLANTS.
    Rearch this and you will find your answers.
    McGuinty wants everyone to live in the cities and let big business do what they want with rural Ontario. He is destroying are once wealthy Province. He does not care about anyone in this Province only himself.

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