Energy projections are confusing. Find out why.

By now, you’ve likely seen the Government of Ontario’s million dollar mass mailing entitled “Electricity prices are changing. Find out why.” According to this:

  • There are roughly 700 turbines in Ontario.
  • Wind is generating 2% of 157 TWh or 3.14 TWh.
  • In 2030, wind will generate 10% of 198 TWh or 19.8 TWh.

This represents a 6-fold increase. One would assume that the number of turbines would also increase by 6 times. Therefore, Ontario could expect more than 4,000 turbines by 2030. However, there are already that many turbines planned right now. Is the government planning to finish building all of these turbines by 2015 or so, then not build any turbines between 2015 & 2030? Something doesn’t add up.


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